This is who we are — stability and security, friends and family, compassion and community. Communication underlies everything, allowing us to connect with and support each other in all aspects of life.

Joining together makes us stronger, so we promote everyone’s success by sharing ours. We give each partner 5% of the gross profits from our charity supporting customers. If you would like to become one of these customers, then make a tax deductible cash donation to a partner organisation and let us know within 100 days, and we will match up to $100 and add your percentage of profits going forward.


This is a fantastic idea, how many charities do you support?

Only one right now, but we’re considering other organisations. If there’s a particular charity you would like to see added, we are open to suggestions. Please keep in mind that you can only claim tax deductions for donating to Deductible Gift Recipients (use ABN Lookup to see if your candidate is endorsed as a DGR).

How much money does the charity actually get?

In addition to your tax deductible donation, your chosen charity receives 100% of our matching donation, plus an additional 5% of any gross profit from your services beginning the next billing cycle.

How do I let you know I've made a donation?

Use the form below or contact us with the name of the donor and the amount donated, and we will verify with the organisation directly. To avoid any difficulty, please make sure the name of the donor matches the name on the account or of an authorised contact.

Do I need to choose which charity to support?

When you first become one of our charity supporting customers, you will need to choose one organisation to receive your donation (and our matching donation). After that, every partner will receive 5% of the gross profits from your service. That means if we have three partners, we will give each of them 5% for a total of 15%. No further selection is required, and we will automatically contribute more and more as new partner charities come on board.

What if I make more than one donation?

We will match up to $100 once per customer, but we understand that sometimes donations may be split, between tax years for example. Multiple donations made within a 100 day window will all qualify together for matching, but please wait until after your last payment to notify us. A short explanation in the message box with the different dates and amounts would be very helpful.

What if I can't afford to make a donation right now?

If a partner gave you a referral code, you can use it to sign up and contribute a portion of your bill. When using the form below, enter $0 as the donated amount and include your referral code in the message. If you are able to make a donation later, simply notify us again and we will be happy to match it then.

Doing Some Good

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Once we get things rolling, check back here to see how much we’ve given so far.

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Join us in proudly supporting charitable organisations. Tell us about the tax deductible cash donation you made to one of our partners in the last 100 days, and we will match up to $100 and share the gross profits from your bill.


If you represent a charitable organisation endorsed as a DGR with an interest in working together, please email
to learn more.